Portfolio & Testimonials

Here is my portfolio so far.

  • made a new website for WROCCS Wynnum Regional Organised Computing Club for Seniors
  • made a website for Matilda Gelato (WIP)


To whom it may concern

I am the President of a volunteer organisation that teaches seniors about computers, smart phones and tablets.

We had a website that had become unsuitable in that it was out of date, was not easy to navigate and was confusing to the viewers. Ben Anderson (the son of one of our members), advised that he believed it could be significantly improved and voluntarily offered to do so.

Ben tirelessly and enthusiastically embarked on the project in close consultation with myself as to the overall look. I am now quite proud of the website that he has created especially in relation to its simplicity and attractiveness for the viewer.

It is not always easy to convey to a developer what specifics are required but Ben was able to extract this from me in a way that enabled him to develop what was required.

I very much appreciate the work Ben has done and the manner in which he went about it. I recommend him for any similar web site development

Rick Davies